UGLY LITTLE THINGS: VOLUME ONE is now available for pre-order!



Yes, that’s right. By popular demand, Todd Keisling’s UGLY LITTLE THINGS are being packaged into a single Kindle release. For clarity, this collection is not the same as the limited edition hardcover that was sold in 2014. This edition includes the introduction by Anthony J. Rapino, the original four ULT stories, and a sneak peak at the final novel of Keisling’s Monochrome Trilogy.


Ugly Little Things is an eerie collection of short fiction from the twisted mind of Todd Keisling, author of the critically-acclaimed novels A Life Transparent and The Liminal Man. Each story in this volume embodies the essence of human ugliness.

In the inaugural story “Radio Free Nowhere,” an errant radio signal lures travelers off an Appalachian highway to a forgotten lake–and a grisly fate.

Step into the scrub of rural Arizona and join Karen Singleton’s struggle to save her husband from a cult of religious fanatics in “When Karen Met Her Mountain.”

Introduce yourself to a blue-eyed devil named Harvey J. Winterbell and learn the true meaning of regret in the semi-autobiographical tale, “Saving Granny from the Devil.”

Visit the small town of Dalton in “The Harbinger” and join Felix Proust as he uncovers the vile secrets rooted at the heart of Dalton Dollworks.

The horrors don’t stop there. Also included in this digital edition is a preview of Nonentity, the final novel of Keisling’s Monochrome Trilogy.

From buried gods and insane cults to creepy dolls and charming devils, Todd Keisling once again exposes the world to his own unique brand of horror, terrorizing the reader with one agonizing tale after another. You’re going to have a bad time–and you’re going to like it.

The collection goes on sale February 3rd, 2015, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon. Check it out!



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