Following the unsettling events of A Life Transparent, Donovan Candle has struggled to redefine himself after escaping the Monochrome, a colorless reality mirroring our own. Nearly a year later, his efforts have finally paid off: his wife, Donna, is pregnant with their first child, and his novel is complete. Life for the Candle family is good—for now.

Working as a private investigator alongside his brother, Donovan has witnessed the startling number of Missing Persons cases occurring around the city, familiar signs that something more devious is at play. His fears are confirmed when the bodies of several young men and women are discovered, apparent victims of a brutal murderer.

At first he’s hesitant to act, but when Donna’s nephew is abducted by the suspected killer, Donovan finds he has no choice but to face his fears. This time there is more at stake than just his own happiness, and doing the right thing may come at a terrible price . . .

In The Liminal Man, Todd Keisling continues the terrifying fable of Donovan Candle, entwining him in the ominous plot of a sadistic new enemy, and keeping readers enthralled until the very end.


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ISBN: 978-0-9830019-3-5
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The Liminal Man is at times funny, suspenseful, heartbreaking, and inspirational, but never disappointing. Keisling succeeds in crafting an ambitious tale that not only grips you, but demands you answer that most basic question: who are you?” – Anthony J. Rapino, author of Soundtrack to the End of the World

“Keisling has created a fascinating world of shifting realities in A Life Transparent and now The Liminal Man that’ll keep you turning pages well into the night.” – Spencer Seidel, author of Dead of Wynter

The Liminal Man is everything you want in a novel. Thriller, chiller, sci-fi, love story. Buckle up. You’re in for a hell of a ride.” – R.J. Keller, author of Waiting for Spring

“Todd Keisling’s novel challenges the reader to look beyond the obvious and question their own existence.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next, and neither can my book club.” – Dorothy Distefano, Writer On the Verge