About Us

What is Precipice?

Precipice Books is an evolving publishing project of like-minded creators and collaborators, of dreamers and dreams. It is a litmus test of sorts, a way to gauge the ever-changing landscape of the publishing world, and to that end it is home to only one author at present.

Our founder and inaugural author, Todd Keisling, had this to say in what he calls the Precipice Manifesto:

I envisioned a publishing landscape much different than the one I know. One in which writers are given a chance to explore the depths of talent, are encouraged to try new things. A “publishing utopia,” if you will. It was 2005. I was 22 years old, with big dreams, and not the slightest idea of what the real world had to offer.

After several years and a long gestation period, Precipice Books has arrived in the midst of an evolving publishing landscape. Our intention is to embrace the rise of low-cost digital publishing while maintaining the highest possible quality and encouraging creativity among our authors.

For now we are few, but with a little luck, we hope to open our doors to other authors in the near future.

Without further ado, welcome to Precipice Books. We hope you leap with us.